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What is the Crossbow Glitch in COD MW2? – Answered

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Gaming wouldn’t be gaming without occasional bugs, glitches, exploits and what have you. AAA games are apparently not immune to these “temporary features”, and a new one popped up in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

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Many of you ask, “What is the Crossbow Glitch in COD MW2?” and that’s why you are here. Of course, Prima Games is here to answer this question, as always. We’ll provide an analysis of this situation and tell you all we know about it and we hope you’ll enjoy it.

How to Do the Crossbow Glitch in COD MW2

The Crossbow Glitch in COD MW2 involves you getting the Crossbow for yourself, without doing the official prerequisites necessary for unlocking it.

Important Disclaimer™ before we continue reporting on this: Knowingly and repeatedly abusing bugs, glitches, exploits, and other similar “features” that provide you an unfair advantage over the rest of the field, and/or grant you access to things that you should not have access to may lead to a temporary or permanent suspension of your game account, depending on the company’s policy, etc.

In case you wish to back out of this Glitch process, you are welcome to unlock the Crossbow through regular means:

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This Glitch allows you to unlock many more weapons, per post of a Reddit user SynciingShip. This Glitch can allegedly be done only on Consoles (PlayStation and Xbox) so tough luck for the PC gang.

  1. Go to the main Call of Duty screen.
  2. Press X (PS) / A (Xbox) and then quickly press O / B and you should be asked if you want to retry the connection attempt or go offline.
  3. Go Offline.
  4. Go to Local Multiplayer.
  5. Go to Weapons, make a class, and select the Crossbow (or anything else you want to cheat in)
  6. Hold L2 / LT to get to the Weapon Attachment screen.
  7. Hold L2 / LT to save it as a blueprint, once you are finished with editing.
  8. Go back to the main Call of Duty screen. This time, go online.
  9. Select Multiplayer or Warzone mode (this does not work in DMZ). Create a class and go to the Crossbow and then press and hold L2 / LT until the gunsmith shows up.
  10. Push O / B two times.
  11. Congratulations! If this glitch is not fixed, you now have a Crossbow and are eligible to be reprimanded by Activision for daring to Glitch out a weapon.

Here’s the original Reddit post.

We hope you’ll have fun while it lasts if you feel it’s worth the risks. Make sure to check out our game tag under this article for more COD stuff, here at Prima Games.

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