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What is the Best Broom in Hogwarts Legacy? – Answered

Cleaning up the skies real fast

by Patrick Souza

Exploring the surroundings of a Witchcraft and Wizardry School wouldn’t feel as good if we couldn’t do it while flying on Brooms. Luckily, they’re present in Hogwarts Legacy and serve you as one of its many means of transportation you can unlock and use. They can be obtained by buying them directly from vendors or by completing some particular balloon-popping challenges.

With so many flying rides available, you’ll feel inclined to use the best and the best only, and here you’ll learn which broom you should pick from all of the options.

Which Broom is the Best in Hogwarts Legacy? – Answered

There’s actually no best broom since all of them will have the same speed and perks after being fully upgraded. The broom choice, much like the wand or the mount choice, is purely aesthetic and has no impact on gameplay, so you can fly on whichever you want and will be just as fast as any other option.

All brooms can be upgraded in the same way and cost a few Galleons for that. You can do it by returning to Albie’s shop and asking him for upgrades whenever they’re available. Be aware that they take a good while before showing up and Albie will tell you whenever they’re available through the Owl Post, so make sure you’re not missing any message there.

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Of the 13 available brooms, 9 can be bought on many different vendors (some will only spawn after clearing certain sidequests) and the other 4 are obtained by clearing the Balloons Challenges scattered around the school’s fields.

While they have some sick designs, such as the Night Dancer and the Sky Scythe brooms, some classics from the books such as the Nimbus series or the Firebolt are nowhere to be seen. This is most likely not an oversight, since developers probably figured out that most people would just ignore all other options available if any broom that once belonged to Harry Potter himself could be obtained in the game. 

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