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What is Pokemon Trainer Card Maker & How to Use It

Show your best team to the world!

by Patrick Souza
Pokemon Trainer

Trainers will spend hours building their dream team with the best and strongest Pokemon they can find. But what good is that if you cannot show them off? Games always have those nice Profile menus that will be displayed when you fight against other players, which is a nice little feature.

That’s why fans have created custom Trainer Cards, in which they can share their complete Pokemon roster, Trainer name, and other info such as Friend Codes or other Social Media links. Here’s how you can set up a Pokemon Trainer Card for yourself.

What is a Pokemon Trainer Card Maker

A Pokemon Trainer Card Maker does exactly what I have just described above. You can make your own custom Trainer Card with everything you want to share with your friends. You can pick one of the many Trainers available to represent yourself while combining it with a suitable background to make your ultimate ID.

You can pick up to 6 Pokemon to showcase in it, which can be either your current team from Scarlet and Violet or simply all of your favorites together. And don’t worry if you regret any of your choices as the Trainer Card Maker is completely free and you can update it anytime you want.

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How to Use the Pokemon Card Maker

The very first Trainer Card Maker has been recently uploaded for Generation IX, offering full support for all current Pokemon with the Modern Style Cards. But if you’re an old-style card enjoyer, the Legacy Style Cards are also available with support up to the Gen VIII Pokemon. Trainer sprites are based on their illustrations in the Modern Style while the Legacy version has classical sprites.

You can choose a Title for your card that will only be displayed when sharing it. Your Traner name, on the other hand, will always be visible. These options are common between both the Modern and Legacy versions.

The Modern Card Maker allows you to choose two different icons for sharing your info. These could be your Switch Friend Code, a social media account (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc), or any other link you’d like to share (a Linktree is also a choice).

Backgrounds and Trainers are ripped directly from titles like Legends Arceus, Masters, and Scarlet and Violet, and you can choose any combination of them to represent your Card. Not every single Trainer in the franchise is here, but I can assure you that the most popular ones are here.

Pokemons have various images for you to choose from and you can even use their Shiny version if you want to. Here’s what a Modern Style Card looks like with some of my favorite Pokemon in it.

Legacy Style Cards have their own retro charm with all of these Pixel arts Trainers from the pre-XY era. You can find a way to a bigger pool of backgrounds to choose from, and all Pokemon from the pre-Scarlet and Violet era will be available.

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You can even decorate it with any of the Badges from Kanto to Kalos. Go with it if you want that old 2000s forum vibes in your card. Here’s how mine would look in this particular style.

So it’s now all up to you! Choose your favorite style and have fun preparing your own Trainer Card in your own perfect way. Share it with your friends and take a look at their team, it’s always nice to know which are each other’s favorite Pokemon.

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