What Is in the Final Horizon Update for Sonic Frontiers and When Is It Coming Out

What Is in the Final Horizon Update for Sonic Frontiers?

A brand new story for Sonic Frontiers comes later this year

As announced in a short teaser at the Gamescom 2023 Opening Night Live show, Sonic Frontiers will soon receive a free update called “The Final Horizon”.

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Last year’s Sonic Frontiers surprised many and successfully turned the minds of players and critics around after the first not-so-well-received trailers. Since then, this innovative SEGA 3D platformer has received several free content updates, with the latest being planned for this September, almost a full year since the original release.

What Is Included in the Final Horizon Update for Sonic Frontiers

The Final Horizon DLC for Sonic Frontiers will bring:

  • New story (Possibly standalone additional chapter)
  • New playable characters (Tails, Amy, and Knuckles)
  • New challenges (Not defined at the moment)

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In a short teaser (video above), we saw Sonic with hologram versions of his friends accompanied by Doctor Eggman and Sage, looking together at the new enemy. After that, Sonic turns to Super Sonic, suggesting that this event takes place very close to the end of the original story from Sonic Frontiers. If this additional story was chronologically after the end of the game, then why are Knuckles, Tails, and Amy in their hologram form? That is a question for which we will have to wait for the release of this DLC.

Final Horizon Update for Sonic Frontiers Release Date

Sonic Frontiers The Final Horizon DLC will be released as a free update on September 28. Judging by the name, it is very possible that this will be the last update for this unexpectedly good Sonic title from November 2022. After this, we would really like to see Sonic Team commit to working on a full-blown sequel. We need more Frontiers!

Until then, for more Sonic Frontiers check out the extensive coverage we had for the game with some of our best guides and find out how to unlock Arcade Mode and all Cyber Space levels and where they originate from.

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