What is Arsenal Tuning in Warframe? – Answered

Your arsenal could use some adjustments.

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If there’s one thing Warframe is excellent at, it’s giving you something that makes no sense and asking you to make sense of it. Learning the game takes a ton of time, but once you do finally learn it, things become much easier. With that being said, there are a few things that can still trip you up. One of those comes up once in a while with updates. Here’s what Arsenal Tuning is in Warframe.

Why Did You Get A Message About Arsenal Tuning in Warframe?

The Arsenal Tuning message will be sent by Ordis to your Inbox during select updates for Warframe. In these messages, Ordis will talk about reviewing your arsenal and doing maintenance on some of your tools. Because of the changes, he’ll give you some gifts for free. For example, with the Abyss of Dagath update, he gave you a free Forma for use.

In real-world terms, the reason you’re getting the Arsenal Tuning message is because of a recent update that changed some systems. These may require you to re-tune your builds, so Digital Extremes like to give something to get you started. For example, that same Abyss of Dagath update made some major changes to how shields work in Warframe. As such, you might need to swap something out. I know I might need to swap some stuff up, so the extra Forma is more than appreciated.

Does Everyone Get the Same Arsenal Tuning Reward?

Everyone who gets the inbox message for Arsenal Tuning will get the same reward for that Warframe update. For example, an update back in 2019 gave everyone a Legendary Fusion Core. Not too shabby of a reward. Just don’t rely on these Inbox messages since they are pretty rare.

If you’re looking for more information about today’s update, check out how to get all Prime Relics for Grendel Prime in Warframe.

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