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What is an Inalock in HoloCure? – Answered

by Nikola Pajtic

In just a short time since its release, HoloCure has taken the internet by storm. This Vampire Survivors-inspired Hololive VTubers game lets you choose one of 11 characters from three sections: Myths, Project Hope, and Council. 

One of the characters is called Ina, and one of the many in-game builds for her is called Inalock. Here’s everything you need to know about it in HoloCure.

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What Does Inalock Do in HoloCure? 

Inalock is essentially an in-game build made by playing with Ina. The entire build focuses on their personal ability, Ancient One, which, when leveled to the max, turns targets into harmless Takodachis. However, there are several other things you need to focus on to get this build right and enjoy all its perks. 

  • Study Glasses – Increases the experience you gain by 10%. 
  • Plushie – Whenever you receive damage, Plushie makes you invulnerable for 0.3 seconds. However, you also lose 20% attack speed for 5 seconds. 
  • Full Meal – Doubles all healing. 
  • Headphones – Grants a 15% chance to negate one hit while also creating a shockwave that knocks back all enemies. 
  • Nurse’s Horn – When you kill an enemy, this item has a chance of 20% to restore 5% of your maximum health.
  • Elite Cooking Weapon – This weapon is made by combining Elite Lava Bucket and Spider Cooking.
  • Level up Maximum HP until you reach 800HP to become invincible. 

Before starting this build, you will need Ina’s Ancient One ability at level three because that’s when enemies begin turning into harmless Takadachis. 

Now, follow the list of items you need, get them all, and level your health bar whenever you see the option. 

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