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What is Aim Smoothing in Overwatch 2? – Answered

It's like smooth jazz, only with a thumb and a thumbstick.

by Shawn Robinson

The skills of a player in Overwatch 2 are important but equally important are the settings they have applied. Sure, they can be a great player in other games and consistently rank high on ranked leaderboards, but without the proper sensitivity and other graphics and control settings, then it’s hard to make the best use of that. Controller players have noticed a particular setting as of late that’s quite confusing, though it makes more sense when explained. Here’s what aim smoothing is in Overwatch 2.

What Does Aim Smoothing Do in Overwatch 2?

So as you probably guessed, aim smoothing has to do with how smooth your aim is when moving the right analog stick to change the angle on a controller. There’s a lot more to it than that, though. Having it set to a higher value will make your aiming super smooth on the transition and will make your aim a little more floaty. This being on a higher setting is useful for those who don’t feel comfortable with flicking to their target. On the inverse, setting the value to zero will cause your aim to directly snap based on how much you move your analog stick. If you’re looking to flick, that’s great, but not many are great at controlling how far that flick will go.

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For most players, tweaking this setting is going to take some experimenting. Most players seem comfortable around the 10-20 range, though you should jump into the practice range and see how that feels for you. From there, just adjust accordingly depending on whether you feel happy with it or not. It’s likely the exact 0 or 100 will be right for you, though who knows how much you need. Whatever value you need, we hope it at least feels better.

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