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What is Hyper Scape’s new Faction War Mode?

by Lucas White

Hyper Scape has only just recently launched for consoles, therefore has only just started progressing through its first season. But an update was released today, making some tweaks to the game and fixing bugs. But it also added a new, limited-time gameplay mode to the game. It’s called Faction War, and it’s here to give players a little something new to mix up the regular gameplay. But what is Faction War all about? How does it change the normal, core Hyper Scape gameplay?

How Faction War Works in Hyper Scape

Normally, Hyper Scape is a nearly traditional battle royale game, with 100 players dropped into the map as individuals or small squads. You can either try to take down all the other players until you’re the last one standing, or you can go for a crown victory. This isn’t Fall Guys though; in order to win with the crown after you find it you have to keep it on your person for a full 45 seconds. It’s a tough choice, but definitely a satisfying way to win. Faction War changes that, turning the whole experience into a much larger team-based battlefield.

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In Faction War, which will be running in Hyper Scape through September 1, 2020, 96 players are separated into four factions, color-codes as purple, green, red, and blue. Squads are also established here, in groups of three. In order for a faction to be eliminated, every player has to be taken down at once, or in Hyper Scape’s parlance, turned into Echoes. This win condition is also paired with a slight boost to players’ ability to revive each other, so Faction War is really intended to be a massive slobberknocker. Battle royale game developers are always looking for a catchy, new hook, and this certainly seems like a unique setup. Multiplayer co-op is nothing new for the genre, but on such a large scale the vibe could prove totally different.

Based on some data, recent talk has suggested Hyper Scape is struggling somewhat to find its footing, and it seems like Fall Guys’ silly appeal has captured the community’s attention instead. But Hyper Scape does seem to have positive buzz and an active player base, so perhaps attractions like Faction War will help it stand out some more.

Are you excited about Hyper Scape’s new Faction War mode? Are you disappointed that it’s limited, but eager to try it out anyway? Or are you too busy playing Fall Guys to notice? Let us know what you think about Hyper Scape so far over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!