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What Happens Between Matches at the COD CDL Major II?

What's behind the Twitch curtain?

by Daniel Wenerowicz
CDL Matches

With so many of the Call of Duty League matches online this year, there are only a handful of Majors that bring the teams together in a LAN tournament format. It’s easy to get used to the quick succession of games on a normal week, but during the CDL Major II in Boston, there is more downtime and an arena in the mix.

As viewers tune in to the COD Major II for the Boston Breach, the stream is either showing the match, the casters, or bits of the crowd. Between matches, Twitch ads and the casters are a way to fill that time, but there is a lot going on to make these tournaments go smoothly and take some extra time.

COD CDL Major II – What Happens Between Matches?

After a game ends in the Major II tournament for the CDL, there are small interviews for the winning team. While the winning team takes questions, on or off stage, the next couple of teams gets on stage to prepare. That means getting the Call of Duty settings the way they want them and ensuring that their own controller is ready to go for the upcoming set.

The time between a series isn’t the only downtime though. You may have noticed during the CDL Major II that there is a long delay between map 2 and map 3, which is control. After the first two matches, both teams will typically leave the stage to take a quick break and re up on any drinks they might need.

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You might also think that when the Twitch ads go live on the stream the live audience gets to continue watching. This is true for the first few seconds of the match when the audience sees the map loading, but there are also ads for the live audience at the Boston COD Major II, just fewer of them. Most of the time though, there is good reason for a long time between matches, even when the Major II is running so smoothly.

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