What Does TZP-Inhalant Do in Lethal Company? Answered

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TZP Inhalant use in Lethal Company
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The farther you progress through Lethal Company and your ever-growing profit quota, the more resources you’ll need to give you an advantage against enemies. Here’s how to get TZP-Inhalant and what it does in Lethal Company.

How to Get TZP-Inhalant in Lethal Company

You can buy TZP-Inhalant in your ship’s terminal store for 120 scrap. To enter the shop, type store into the terminal to view the list, then enter tzp-inhalant and confirm.

Once you purchase the TZP-Inhalant, you can use it by holding LMB and consuming the substance while gaining its effects.

What Does TZP-Inhalant Do in Lethal Company?

TZP-inhalant is an item that increases your speed and reduces stamina consumption while sprinting and jumping. As you use it more, your vision will blur slightly, making it harder to spot enemies and items on your screen.

The longer you inhale, the stronger the effects. This goes for both positive and negative effects, so while you’ll get a stronger boost in speed and stamina, your vision will also become even blurrier. With heavier use, you’ll also get other impairments such as a higher-pitched voice and slippery controls.

You can inhale the TZP-Inhalant for around 22 seconds before it runs out. But if you inhale the stimulant for 12 or more seconds, you’ll overdose, which will cause auditory impairment and screen distortion along with the other usual debuffs like visual impairment, slippery controls, and a higher-pitched voice. However, even when overdosed, you’ll still get an increased speed and stamina buff.

Given this, the TZP inhalant has a few clear benefits and downsides. After all, even if you can dash through a facility, it won’t do much good if you can’t see what’s happening.

Strategies for Using TZP-Inhalant in Lethal Company

The main perks of using TZP-inhalants are gaining a speed boost and increased stamina to escape a dangerous situation. If you suspect you’ll encounter multiple enemies or outdoor monsters that you can’t fight against, you can use this to increase your odds of survival.

While not consistently effective against speedy enemies, a small boost can significantly affect certain situations.

Another benefit of TZP-inhalant is using its speed boost to run between a moon’s facility and your ship. Reducing the time it takes to deliver items can help your team immensely, especially if you have numerous valuables requiring several trips. If you are the speedy delivery person, the rest of your crew can focus on gathering more items and dealing with monsters.


It’s a good idea to have one person back on ship manning the computers while everyone else explores the facility. This will allow teammates to quickly load up loot outside the facility while the person on the ship makes quick trips between the ship and facility to help load all the scrap. TZP-Inhalant will be particularly helpful to this person to make their brief trips even quicker.

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