What Does the Kid Stuff Trait Do in Starfield? – Answered

Having parents to rely on in this vast universe is not something to overlook.

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As with most RPGs, Starfield is pretty loaded with choices. Just as you finish your character creation, you are placed before a choice of three traits for your characters, and you see a lot of them on the right-hand side of your screen. The one that caught my eye is the “Kid Stuff” trait. There are no visible benefits, but it costs credits. Here’s what the Kid Stuff trait does in Starfield, and if it’s worth choosing it.

What are the Benefits of the Kid Stuff Trait in Starfield?

The main benefit of choosing “Kid Stuff” as one of your traits is that you will always have a home to go to, where your loving parents are. Your mother has a gift for you when you come in for the first time. It is your old high-school backpack, which has been refurbished, repaired, and cleaned, ready for you to use. It has a lot of storage and is certainly a good thing to have. At random, your parents might give you more unique gifts down the line, and they have plenty of fun dialogue.

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Can You Remove the Kid Stuff Trait in Starfield?

As sad as it may seem, you can give up on your parents in Starfield and remove the Kid Stuff trait from your character. When you speak to your father, there is a very unpleasant dialogue option: “[Remove Kid Stuff Trait]: I’m not sure if I can keep sending money back home.” This decision crushes your parents’ souls, but they understand you, and they’ll manage to scrape by without your money somehow, somewhere where the rent is cheaper.

Should I take the Kid Stuff Trait in Starfield? Is it worth it?

Choosing if you should take the Kid Stuff Trait is entirely up to you. It has its value for sure, and you can “unlearn” it at any time if you have the heart to do it. I was so overwhelmed by choices, and I didn’t choose any Trait to “choose it later,” but that’s not an option. There’s always the 2nd playthrough!

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