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What Does the Fruit of Death Do in Remnant 2? – Answered

Well, it's aptly named at least.

While exploring Remnant 2, chances are you’ll be exploring and somehow find some wild secret that you weren’t expecting to find. Either that or you were following an online guide, which is fine as well. You may be confused as to how to progress once that secret hits a dead end though, as is the case with one particular consumable. Here’s what the Fruit of Death does in Remnant 2.

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How to Use the Fruit of Death in Remnant 2

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You’ll first find the Fruit of Death when wearing the Ravager’s Amulet, found through killing the Doe (you monster) and getting it from the Corrupted Ravager. You’ll do this when completing one of the possible main quests for Yaesha if you didn’t already know. By teleporting to the Forbidden Grove Worldstone and heading down to the nearby statue, those wearing the amulet will see the floor open to a small room below. Within will be the Fruit of Death, though consuming it just seems to instantly kill you.

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What Do You Get for Using the Fruit of Death?

Remnant 2 Lifeless Heart
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That’s because it’s supposed to. If you do this once or twice more, you’ll find the Fruit of Death removed from your inventory. In its place will be a new relic, the Lifeless Heart. This relic is the direct opposite of the Enlarged Heart, the relic you can purchase from Cass in Ward 13. This relic heals you for about half the healing you can get from the default Dragon Heart, but will double your total relic count. This makes it great for healing more frequently without needing to wait until a certain health drop to get the full effect. Not a favorite relic of mine, but a solid one nonetheless.

While there are a lot of relics that you can get in the game, you can actually upgrade them as well. If you’re curious, check out our guide on how to get Simulacrum in Remnant 2, which does just that.

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