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What does Spirit do in Theatrhythm Final Bar Line?

Pause button... for loading screens...

by Lucas White

Ah yes, once again we have a JRPG game with a mystery stat. I believe the last time we faced this issue it was with Star Ocean, which makes plenty of sense. Because Square Enix don’t have to follow no rules, baby. Especially in a series like Theatrhythm, which has made little changes and tweaks with how its systems work with every entry. In Final Bar Line, the problem stat is Spirit. What does Spirit do in Theatrhythm Final Bar Line? We will… make an attempt to answer.

What does Spirit do in Theatrhythm Final Bar Line?

I’ll admit I haven’t seen it myself, so I’m going off the word of chatter on Reddit. So far I haven’t seen anything in-game that explains any of the stats, with the exception of loading screen tips. These are so crucial, apparently, you can even pause loading screens to make sure you read these messages? Bizarre. Anyway, this seems to be the only way to learn what Spirit does, and I simply haven’t seen this tip screen yet.

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That being said, it seems like Spirit is simply healing magic efficacy. It works this way in many JRPGS, wherein you have separate stats for offensive and restorative magic. It’s not consistent though, and in Final Bar Line Spirit is also something you’ll see “Summoner” type characters having high numbers in. But Spirit doesn’t seem to have anything to do with summoning. Yeah, there’s a reason I wasn’t too keen on the RPG elements in this game when I reviewed it.

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So as far as I know, Spirit is simply for healing magic. If I get wind of something different, I’ll pop in here with an update. But for now, stick to using those stat bump items on characters with healing skills.

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