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What Does Radiance Do in Lords of the Fallen – Answered

Some of the best items require you to pour a little love into this stat

Look, is it really a soulslike game if you don’t stare at the level up menu wondering what in the world half the stats you can upgrade? There’s always at least one random stat that seems a little esoteric. And that’s certainly the case with Radiance. Here’s what Radiance does in Lords of the Fallen.

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What Does Radiance Do in Lords of the Fallen – Answered

Radiance is a unique stat in the Lords of the Fallen that is very significant for magic users and those who hope to wield both Radiant and Umbral spells.

Here’s everything that Radiance does and offers, with further elaboration below.


  • Increases your mana.
  • Increases your defenses.
  • Allows you to wield Radiant spells.
  • Allows you to wield Umbral spells.
  • Allows you to use Radiant Catalysts.
  • Allows you to use specific weapons.
  • Allows you to equip specific shields.

All Stats Increased by Radiance in Lords of the Fallen

By increasing Radiance, you will increase your Mana by approximately 8 points. Improving Radiance will also increase your Physical defense by +1, your Fire defense by +1, your Holy defense by +3, and you Wither defense by +3.

All Radiance Spells in Lords of the Fallen

Radiance will also allow you to wield Radiant Spells. Some spells will require a minimum of 8 Radiance, while others can require more than 30 points in Radiance. The spells include:

  • Aura of Tenacity
  • Barbed Aura
  • Blessed Reflections
  • Briar Storm
  • Cleansing Spring
  • Consecrate
  • Divine Arms
  • Healing Radiance
  • Healing Sigil
  • Invigorating Aura
  • Lacerating Weapon
  • Lucent Beam
  • Orius’ Judgement
  • Piercing Light
  • Radiant Flare
  • Radiant Guardian
  • Radiant Orb
  • Radiant Slash
  • Radiant Weapon
  • Sanctify

All Umbral Spells that Require Radiance in the Lords of the Fallen

Umbral spells are unique in that they require both Inferno and Radiance to be wielded. The Radiance and Inferno required for each spell are perfectly balanced. So, a spell like Diminishing Missiles will require 8 Radiance and 8 Inferno, and a spell like Martyrdom would require 22 Radiance and 22 Inferno.

Here are all the Umbral spells that require Radiance:

  • Barrage of Echoes
  • Blood Harvest
  • Diminishing Missile
  • Flesh Tide
  • Graveyard Fog
  • Grieving Gaze
  • Latimer’s Javelin
  • Lingering Despair
  • Martyrdom
  • Misery Missile
  • Painful Echo
  • Pestilent Blade
  • Poison Weapon
  • Putrefaction
  • Umbral Agony
  • Umbral Guardian
  • Umbral Orb
  • Umbral Slash
  • Umbral Weapon

All Catalysts Require Radiance in Lords of the Fallen

Catalysts are long-range weapons that allow you to snipe at your foes at a distance. And, naturally, there are certain Radiant Catalysts that require you to have a point in Radiance to wield. Those Catalysts are:

  • Abbess Chalice
  • Agony’s Light
  • Charm of Fortune’s Sight
  • Exacter Scripture
  • Hungering Knot
  • Lost Berescu’s Catalyst
  • Nohuta Effigy
  • Orian Preacher Catalyst
  • Putrid Child Catalyst
  • Radiant Purifier Catalyst
  • Sunken Beseecher
  • Wilmarc’s Catalyst

All Weapons and Shields that Require Radiance in Lords of the Fallen

Finally, there are the weapons and shields that require some Radiance to wield. Some of these items lean Umbral, which means they may also require Inferno to wield as well. But here is the complete list of all Radiant-required weapons and shields:

  • Fungus-Encrusted Pickaxe
  • Exacter Dagger
  • Bloodletter
  • Stomund’s Flail
  • Crushing Gaze
  • Devotion’s Might
  • Nohuta Ritual Hammer
  • Righteous Pulverizer
  • Bloody Glory
  • Ebonlight Abiding Defender Sword
  • Justice
  • Luminous Abiding Defender Sword
  • Ravager Gregory’s Sword
  • Bartholomew’s Hammer
  • Exacter Dunmire’s Cane
  • Hammer of Holy Agony
  • Orian Preacher Hammer
  • Judge Cleric’s Corrupted Sword
  • Judge Cleric’s Radiant Sword
  • Rosamund’s Sword
  • Abbess Staff
  • Nohuta Polearm
  • Putrid Polearm
  • Radiant Purifier Polearm
  • Tancred’s Mancatcher
  • Elianne the Starved’s Sword
  • Melted Dark Crusader Sword
  • Pieta’s Sword
  • Putrid Child Sword
  • Bell Staff
  • Judge Cleric’s Spear
  • Lightreaper’s Spear
  • Sanctified Huntress Spear
  • Saint Latimer’s Relic Spear
  • Veil-Piercer
  • Orian Preacher Shield
  • Pureblade Shield
  • Sanctified Huntress Shield
  • Pale Eye Shield
  • Shield of the First of the Beasts
  • Church of Orian Radiance Greatshield
  • Miner’s Desperation
  • Shield of Piercing Light
  • Shield of the Hushed Saint

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