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What Does Loyalty Do in Minecraft? – Answered

You'll never lose your impractical weapon again

by Patrick Souza
Minecraft Loyalty Enchantment

While exploring land, sea and underworld in a fresh new Minecraft world, you’ll come across various enchantments for your weapons that make kicking those zombies in the butt even more satisfying. One of them is the Loyalty enchantment, only applicable to tridents. But what does that even do, to begin with? Time to find out!

What Does Loyalty Do in Minecraft? – Answered

Loyalty is a special enchantment that makes your trident return to you after you throw it. Those subaquatic weapons are very hard to come by and are quite difficult to repair after they’re damaged. If you really dig that Poseidon feeling of throwing giant forks at anyone who stares oddly at you, this enchantment is quite handy. But keep that habit to Minecraft, please.

The enchantment works in almost every location of the game, and the return speed depends on the enchantment level. It won’t boost your actual damage directly, but more tridents to throw also means more stabbing at your targets. 

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But unfortunately, you cannot enchant the same trident with the Loyalty and the Riptide enchantments at the same time, as there would be no one for it to come back to since you would be cast aside along with your trident. Personally, I would say that Loyalty is more useful in the long run as there are various other means of reaching far away places.

Another small perk of applying this enchantment is that it helps avoid losing the trident to despawning due to throwing it too far. It won’t despawn even if you throw it while at the Nether and immediately leave the area. Once you’re back, your trident will return to your hands. Very loyal indeed.

That’s all you need to know about the Loyalty enchantment in Minecraft. For more tips and tricks about the game, keep browsing through our dedicated tag while you enjoy some block action.

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