What Does Arachnophobia Mode Do in Lethal Company? – Answered

No, we're not gonna burn them with deodorant and zippo lighter. Yet.

Arachnophobia in Lethal Company
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The prayers have been answered, and if you are scared of spiders, you will definitely love this update! Arachnophobia mode has been introduced in Lethal Company, and here’s what it does.

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What Happens When You Turn on Arachnophobia Mode in Lethal Company?

When you turn on Arachnophobia Mode in Lethal Company, you will never have to see another spider. Well, not in a spider-spider way. This change was introduced in The Frosty Update 45, on December 9, 2023.

How to Turn on Arachnophobia Mode On in Lethal Company

You can turn on Arachnophobia Mode in Lethal Company by heading to Settings and choosing the Arachnophobia Mode under the Accessibility tab in the bottom right.

Here’s what the Spider looks like in Arachnophobia Mode, if you are interested:

It might be a little bit difficult to attack the spider with this mode, given that the perceived hitbox of the spider with Arachnophobia Mode on is lesser than if you just see an actual spider, but it is what it is, you need to assume that it’s slightly bigger. Actually, just under the name, you will see two short limbs (at least, that’s how I saw it the first time I ran into a spider with Arachnophobia Mode on).

Should I Turn On Arachnophobia Mode or Not?

If you are feeling uneasy around spiders, definitely go for it. I am keeping it on because I believe that the word “SPIDER” might stand out more on my screen than a lurking spider that kind of melts in the darkness more easily, thus allowing me to better prepare for the encounter with the said creature. My crewmate and I smashed it with stop signs and put a stop to its reign of terror. Take that, alphabet!

If you want to purchase a tool to smack spiders with, check out how to get and use the Shovel in Lethal Company.

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