What Do Skip Capacity Boost Packs Do in Starfield? – Answered

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As you progress through the world of Starfield, you can begin unlocking plenty of excellent new abilities and powers. The Boost Pack is one of the best perks you can unlock in the game, and some of the packs you find in the lands before you can bestow you with some unique abilities. One that we’ve been a little confused about is the Skip Capacity Boost Pack and what it may do for you. Once we figured it out, however, we never want to unequip it.

How Do You Unlock Boost Packs in Starfield?

To unlock the Boost Pack, you’ll need to ensure that you’ve leveled up and have at least one Skill Point available to use. Navigate to the Skill Points menu and move over to Tech. In the first bar, you’ll find the option for Boost Pack Training, which will give you the ability to unlock and use this little pack while exploring, combat, and for anything else you may need. To activate it, just press and hold the Jump button on your controller of choice, and you’ll be taken to the skies in no time. If you need more help, our guide on Boost Packs will point you in the perfect direction.

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What is The Skip Capacity Boost Pack in Starfield?

The Skip Capacity Boost Pack isn’t going to give you the ability to skip to your lou, but rather, it’ll help you save some time and skip some of the recharge. Depending on the type you find, you’ll see that the Skip Capacity Boost Pack will help charge your Boost Pack faster than it normally would, which could be a lifesaver while in Combat or even while you’re just exploring the worlds around you.

There are multiple types of Boost Packs available in Starfield, including:

  • Basic Boost Packs
  • Skip Capacity Boost Packs
    • 50% Faster Boost Regeneration
  • Balanced Boost Pack
    • Boost higher/Multiple Boosts
  • Power Boost Pack
    • Only one Boost, but you’ll go higher than any other pack

Starfield has plenty of planets to explore, and once you start getting your hands on multiple different types of Boost Packs, you’ll find that it’s easier than ever to finally start navigating them to their full potential. It’s a wild world out there, so be sure to check out our Starfield guide to get started in the right direction. Don’t worry, if you can’t carry all of these Boost Packs, we’ll teach you how to store items on your ship for safekeeping.

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