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Destiny 2 – Light Level Cap

by Josh Hawkins

Bungie has made something special when it comes to the way that players level in the Destiny series, and while players from the original game will be used to the way that leveling works in Destiny 2, new players might find themselves a bit confused by the system. In order to cut through the red tape, we’ve put together this handy article, which will show you everything you need to know about the leveling system, including what the max Light Level cap is in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Max Light Level

Like the previous entry in the series, Destiny 2 will allow players to reach up to 300 Light. Now, this isn’t your basic leveling system, and before you can start earning more Light, you’re going to need to make your way through the first twenty levels, which will then cap off your basic experience earning. At this point, any experience earned will simply count towards increasing the amount of Class Abilities that you have access to, and you’ll then need to rely on upgrading your Light Level to continue progressing.

In order to start increasing your Light Level, you’re going to need to understand how what it is, and how you can increase it. Unlike your first twenty levels, basic experience earning won’t help you increase your Light Level. This is due to the fact your Light Level is based off ofyour overall power, which is drawn from your weapons, armor, and other items. Light Level is now simply referred to as “Power” in Destiny 2, though, and every piece of gear that you acquire will have a specific “Light Level” or “Power Level” associated with it. The higher the level of your gear’s Light, the more it will affect your overall Light Level, allowing you to take on stronger enemies and situations.

It’s extremely important for you to always keep an eye on your currently equipped gear, and which item is your weakest. This is especially important as you progress through the story, and quests become much more difficult to complete. If you want to easily make your way up into the late 100s, and possible 200s for your Power Level, then be sure to just play through the main story missions until the very end. Once you reach the end, start hitting up Nightfalls, Public Events, Lost Sectors, the Crucible, and pretty much any other activity that you can get your hands onto to keep earning new gear and continuing your trek to become a legend in Destiny 2.

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