What Is the Death Stranding Birthday Effect?

Death Stranding claims that there is a special birthday effect for players in certain months, but we're not so sure about that.

As players begin their journey through Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding, they’ll be prompted to enter their birthday at the beginning of the game. As you probably know, the game has some unique mechanics and video games don’t typically ask for your date of birth, so what’s up? Well, according to the game, the Death Stranding birthday question will give players better DOOM affects based on their date of birth. So, let’s take a look at the birthday effect and see if it really matters.

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Does My Death Stranding Birthday Matter?

After you put your birthday in, you’ll get a message saying, “Higher levels of DOOMs abilities have been observed in those born under the constellations such as Cancer, Pisces, Cetus, Delphinus, and Gigas.” As the message implies, it seems that there will be some type of Death Stranding birthday effect for those born in a specific month. However, we’re not so sure. 

Pretty much everyone knows what Cancer and Pisces are, but the other three constellations are not as well known. That being said, in the list below, we’ve detailed the five constellations that are mentioned as part of the Death Stranding birthday effect.

  • Cancer: June 21-July 23
  • Cetus: November
  • Delphinus: September
  • Gigas: January
  • Pisces: February 19-March 20

In theory, if you make your Death Stranding birthday one of the dates above, you’ll receive higher levels of DOOMs abilities. That said, so far it doesn’t really seem that it makes that much of a difference in the game’s base stats for players. It’s possible it could unlock some type of easter egg or something of the sorts later on in the game, but so far we haven’t seen anything about that. However, to be on the safe side, you might as well make one of the above dates your birthday in the game in case there is some type of bonus. Oh, and you’ll get a cake on your birthday, so you might want to make it sooner rather than later!

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Death Stranding originally released on the PlayStation 4 in November 2019 and made its way to PC in July 2020. The game follows Norman Reedus’ Sam Porter Bridges as he journeys across a dying land to try and reconnect society. If you’re interested in trying out the PC version of the game, be sure to check out the requirements and specs.

If you’re just playing the game for the first time, you might be overwhelmed by all the information you’re being given. If that’s the case, we’ve got some great guides on our website that should help you out. In the links below, you’ll find some of our recent coverage.

Now that you know all about the Death Stranding birthday effect, what date will you pick? Be sure to send us a picture of your in-game cake on your special day via Twitter or Facebook.

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