Dauntless has a wealth of systems to learn and master, but not all of them are completely intuitive. While things, like hitting the Behemoths and trying to get new gear, all make sense, some of the integral parts of the hunt are left up to you to discover on your own. This would be fine were it not for the harshness of some of the hunts and the importance of knowing how to play the game most efficiently. If you've ever wanted to know what is the Danger Meter in Dauntless then this is the guide for you. 

What Is The Danger Meter In Dauntless?

The Danger Meter sits in the top-right of your HUD, it is the small triangular bit in the top-right of your screen basically. It is a visual indication of how dangerous the hunt has become, but it also affects how the game plays as well. Once the meter reaches 100% a few different things happen, the first of which is that you'll be unable to revive teammates without Stims. The other thing that happens is that the damage the Behemoths deal is upped substantially, which makes each of the hunts much harder as a result. There are a few things that can raise and lower the meter, so we've broken them down here: 

Raises The Meter

  • Constantly goes up gradually over time.
    • This speeds up when you're fighting a Behemoth.
  • Whenever a Slayer collapses.
  • The meter speeds up substantially when a Slayer remains downed, so pick them up quick.

Lowers The Meter

  • Reviving collapsed Slayers.
  • Driving the Behemoth off and away from you.

What is the Danger Meter in Dauntless

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