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In your throes of nostalgia playing the new turn-based RPG game Honkai: Star Rail, you may come across some age-old signs of suspiciously important items along with some blocked paths you can’t unlock just yet. This isn’t a puzzle-solving guide, we’re looking into what Tracks of Destiny are and what they are used for. These items can be retrieved in shops and as rewards for events such as the Battle Pass, but what exactly do they do?

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What are Tracks of Destiny in Honkai: Star Rail

As you advance through the Trailblazer levels, shops will open up special items for you called Tracks of Destiny. These peculiar-looking globes are actually quite valuable when it comes to increasing your individual skills in none other than the Traces section of each character build.

Already through the use of leveling and ascending your characters, you are able to increase the damage dealt by their Basic Attack, Technique, Skill, and Ultimate as indicated by these three rings here in the middle of the following image.

But you’ll notice that there are additional nodules that are currently locked without the right items. One of the items that will be requested is the Tracks of Destiny. The other items will be much easier to come by, but as a Five-Star item, Tracks of Destiny is meant to be a lot more difficult and must be selected carefully when considering who to use it on.

If you are from Genshin Impact, the easiest explanation for the Tracks of Destiny would be the equivalent of a Crown. Instead of Crowning off a Talent to maximize its damage output, you are unlocking more potential for your character to either do more damage, provide better buffs or debuffs, or do even better healing or shielding. 

These are quite valuable items and can possibly drastically change the potential that your characters will have in battle. So how do you start gathering them?

Where to find Tracks of Destiny in Honkai: Star Rail

There are actually quite a few avenues to find Tracks of Destiny in this game, which says a lot in comparison to coming across Crowns in Genshin Impact. In the future, we can hope to see Tracks of Destiny also included in Events whenever the game devs decided to update the game with those. Until then, here are the current places to gather Tracks of Destiny.

  • Simulated Universe Point Rewards — This is probably the easiest place to come across the item thus far. By obtaining the max amount of points for completion in the Simulated Universe, you can gain one Tracks of Destiny. Although this seems rather small in comparison, do recall that the Simulated Universe refreshes every week. So while this task might seem daunting at first, once you get more advanced, this just becomes another tick off the list of things to do in Honkai: Star Rail.
  • Nameless Honor — The Battle Pass for Honkai: Star Rail is where you’ll find this item next. By completing missions and filling out the activity in Nameless Honor, you can get up to two Tracks of Destiny. One will be at Level 15 and the other at Level 35, so you don’t even need to get very far in the BP. This is also only the Free version of Nameless Honor, by buying the BP for Nameless Glory, you can receive an additional two Tracks of Destiny at the same Levels.
  • Embers Exchange — As rewards for wishing, you’ll often come across additional items with your Light Cones and Characters. These drops are called Undying Starlight and Undying Embers. You can take these items to the store and exchange them for Star Rail Passes and other such unique items. One of which, will be the Tracks of Destiny. This item is available monthly for 60 Undying Embers, however, you will need to be at Level 40 in your Trailblazing journey before you are able to unlock this key item. 
  • Limited-Time Event Rewards — As mentioned before, this item will be a part of Events that occur within Honkai: Star Rail. Often, this can come in the form of earning it as a final prize while in other cases, you earn special event currency that you can use to exchange for a bunch of amazing prizes. Genshin Impact often handed out Crowns during such things so we can expect the same for Tracks of Destiny. 

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Best to get gathering early since you’ll need a lot! You use about two to three Tracks of Destiny for each character to unlock additional talents that will increase their damage, energy, and other such boons for their overall kit. To keep up with us as we follow the event and where to find the nearest rewards, give the Honkai: Star Rail tag below a click and double-check you haven’t missed any prizes. Happy Trailblazing!

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