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What Are Requiem Mods in Warframe? – Answered

Oh great, another set of mods to worry about.

Warframe starts extremely complex once you finish the tutorial, and that extreme complexity never goes away. For example, I have 1100 hours in the game, and yet I only just learned about the Corrupted Holokeys that drop from Sisters of Parvos. You can have endless amounts of time in the game and still uncover more than enough new things to play with. One such new toy comes as part of the Kuva Liches, though can be very confusing at first. Here’s what Reqiuem mods are in Warframe.

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How Do Requiem Mods Work in Warframe?

Warframe Kuva Liches
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Requiem mods are mods that are equipped to your Parazon, with their sequence helping you to take down a Kuva Lich or Sister of Parvos. We won’t go into much detail here on how you get either for the sake of time, but long story short you’ll either have to kill enemies in certain Grineer missions or get 25 kills in one go of the Granum Void on certain Corpus missions. Once you have either nemesis, begin killing their Thralls or Hounds on their controlled Star Chart nodes (Lich nodes are red, while Sister nodes are blue). Killing enough will get you one of the three Requiems you’ll need, which then need the corresponding mod equipped in your Parazon.

How Do You Get Requiem Mods?

In total, there are eight Requiem mods spread across four Requiem Relics as uncommon rewards. These relics are dropped from Thralls and Hounds on a small chance, so you may need to farm them for a while to have enough. Once you have the relic you need, you’ll need to run a Requiem fissure found in the Void Fissures section of the Navigation console. With any luck, one of the rewards at the end will be one of the mods you need. The mods can be found in each of the following relics:

  • Requiem I Relic
    • Lohk
    • Xata
  • Requiem II Relic
    • Jahu
    • Vome
  • Requiem III Relic
    • Fass
    • Ris
  • Requiem IV Relic
    • Khra
    • Netra

Technically, there is a ninth Requiem mod named Oull. This mod can only be obtained on a 25% chance when causing your Kuva Lich or Sister to flee, only done once you have the correct sequence of Requiem mods in your Parazon upon fighting the nemesis. The Oull mod is a wildcard, being in essence a guaranteed successful mod position without the work of finding that position. For example, if the mod order you needed was Ris, Xata, and Fass, and you didn’t have Xata, you could place Oull in the second position to be successful.

Once a Requiem mod is used to successfully cause a Kuva Lich or Sister to flee, they will expend one of their three charges. Once they have no charges left, they become Defiled, becoming unusable. From there, you’re safe to scrap them within your Orbiter’s Mods section.

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Requiem mods are mandatory if you plan to take on Kuva Liches or Sisters in Warframe. Keep farming for them, and you should have all you need in no time. While we’re talking about mods so much, check out our guide on how to get the Heavy Caliber mod in Warframe.

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