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What are the Differences Between Identity V and Dead By Daylight?

by Josh Hawkins

Developed by NetEase and available solely on mobile devices, Identity V takes a lot of inspiration from popular 4 vs 1 escape game, Dead by Daylight. There’s still quite a few differences between Identity V and Dead by Daylight, and many people have been asking about these differences. So let’s go over the differences between Identity V and Dead by Daylight so you know exactly what you’re getting into.

The Differences Between Identity V and Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight—or DBD as it is commonly referred to—is a 4 vs 1 escape game where four players must try to repair generators and unlock an escape gate, all while avoiding the cold-hearted grip of a malicious killer. It’s a fun little game that challenges players to work together, and it’s spawned several “clones” or look-a-like titles that build off of the same mechanics in some fashion.

Identity V, which just released for Android and iOS is a game heavily inspired by Dead by Daylight, though there are some very major differences between the two games, which really help set them apart from each other.

A Well-Written Story

Unlike Dead by Daylight—which focuses solely on the 4 vs 1 games—Identity V also includes a narrative storyline, which is played out through the game. Instead of the 4 vs 1 matches being the main draw, they are simply a mechanic used to unlock new clues and progress the overall story along. This means that the multiplayer becomes a key part of the game’s storyline, which gives it a unique approach to storytelling that hasn’t really been explored all that much in video games.

Repairs and Cipher Machines

In Dead by Daylight, players must repair generators and restore power to the exit gates that they wish to use. In Identity V, though, players instead must make use of Cipher Machines. Once all the clues have been deciphered, the gate will be marked for a short amount of time. At this point, run over to it and you can unlock it and escape. Aside from this, though, Dead by Daylight and Identity V are both very similar. Players can jump through windowsills, knock down pallets, and help other players out of traps that they’ve been locked into by The Killer.

At its core, Identity V is very similar to Dead by Daylight. However, it brings the frantic 4 vs 1 gameplay to mobile devices and makes it easy to dive in and get used to the system. Things are pretty much the same between the two—aside from the story and some different names for mechanics, but this just means that Dead by Daylight players and Identity V players shouldn’t have much trouble jumping between the two games—should they want to change up their experiences a little.

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