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We Happy Few – How to Cure Food Poisoning

by Larryn Bell

Good quality food items are scarce in We Happy Few, which means sometimes you’ll have to resort to eating rotten food just to survive. Rotten food can cause food poisoning, which can cause adverse effects that impact your ability to function in the game. If you need a quick fix for your food poisoning in We Happy Few, here’s what you’ll need to do.

Foodborne illnesses are a regular part of life in Wellington Wells. Food poisoning is caused by eating rotten food and is indicated by an icon of a person vomiting. Food poisoning can be mild or severe depending on how much rotten food you ate. Rotten food doesn’t necessarily cause food poisoning if eaten in small quantities, but you may want to be prepared just in case.  

How to Cure Food Poisoning

There are different stages of food poisoning in We Happy Few. Food poisoning causes dizziness and blurred vision, which becomes more intense and leads to bouts of vomiting in severe cases. If serious food poisoning goes uncured, the vomiting will deplete your hunger meter, causing you to lose stamina. 

The best way to cure food poisoning in We Happy Few is by using Sick Up Tea. This consumable item will cure and remove the status effects caused by food poisoning by inducing vomiting. This will also increase your hunger and thirst, so keep a drink handy and be prepared to eat some (non-rotten) food after your food poisoning is cured.

Sick Up Tea can be crafted in the Crafting menu of your inventory under the Survival subcategory. Here’s what you’ll need to craft a dose of Sick Up Tea: 

  • Charcoal (x1)
  • Empty Pill Bottle (x1)
  • Night Blooming Nonsuch (x1)

Charcoal and empty pill bottles can be collected while scavenging. As the name suggests, the Night Blooming Nonsuch is a flower that only blooms at night, so be sure to stock up on a few of these glowing pink flowers during your evening stroll to ensure you have these ingredients when you need them. 

Although the Sick Up Tea induces vomiting, it’s better than having your entire hunger meter depleted while waiting for a serious case of food poisoning to pass. Craft at least one dose of Sick Up Tea and keep in in your inventory for when you need it. For more tips like how to heal or how to craft in We Happy Few, visit our We Happy Few game hub.

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