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We Happy Few – Combat Tips

by Larryn Bell

While most scenarios in We Happy Few can be dealt with in a non-violent manner, sometimes conflict is unavoidable. We’ve come up with a series of combat tips to help you emerge victorious when you have to fight your way out of a sticky situation. 

Create a Distraction

If you’re hoping to survive in We Happy Few, your best bet is to avoid conflict at all costs. This will require the use of a few stealth tactics to avoid bringing attention in your direction. When enemies are in your way and you don’t want to alert them to your location, you’ll need to find a way to distract them long enough for you to sneak by.

The easiest way to do this is by throwing objects, such as rocks or bottles, to lure them away from where you intend to go. Throwable items can be found throughout the world and are usually equipped in stacks, so you can throw one after the next.

Equip a Durable Weapon 

In case things go south and you find yourself suddenly engaged in a fight, you’ll want to have a weapon handy. Since it can take a few seconds to go into your inventory to equip a weapon, you don’t want to wait until you’re already stuck in combat to sort this out. Weapons can be found throughout the world or crafted at a Workbench or in your Crafting menu, depending on the Blueprints you’ve found. 

There are two main weapon types in We Happy Few: lethal and non-lethal. While enemies can be defeated by both weapon types, one will only knock them unconscious. Weapons also tend to drain Stamina faster than unarmed combat, so be sure to maintain your Stamina levels to improve your fighting capabilities.

It’s important to note that each weapon has a durability level. Over time, weapons will lose their durability and will eventually break. There doesn’t seem to be a way to repair weapons in We Happy Few, so try to equip weapons with the highest durability to ensure they don’t break mid-combat.

Weapons can also come with various status effects and bonuses, such as electric or fire damage. Weapons with status effects should be prioritized over regular weapons to maximize your damage output during combat.

Hide Weapon When Not in Combat

Once you’ve equipped a weapon, you can select the weapon slot to draw your weapon when needed, which brings it out into your hand. Don’t walk around with your weapon out in the open, though, as this can alert nearby citizens and either scare them or cause them to become hostile. Only draw your weapon during a fight.

Remember to Shove and Block

Fighting in We Happy Few requires a mastery of melee combat tactics. You’ll also need to rely on your fists and arms to gain an advantage over your opponent. Try to get in the habit of shoving enemies during a fight. Shoving causes enemies to stumble and lose balance, which opens an opportunity for you to strike. This also creates some space between you and your opponent if you need a moment to regain Stamina or prepare for the next hit.

Hit enemies several times in a row after shoving them to deal as much damage as possible before running out of Stamina. Shoving someone twice will also cause a calm citizen to turn hostile. You’ll also want to block incoming attacks during a fight to avoid taking unnecessary damage. 

Swing for the Head

Like with most games, hits to the head will deal more damage than body hits. To get the most out of every weapon swing and maximize your damage output before your weapon breaks, try to hit enemies in the head as often as possible. There is also a slight chance to knock the enemy over after hitting them in the head, giving you the opportunity to wail on them or run away.

Follow these combat tips to come out on top of each fight in We Happy Few. For more survival tips and tricks, check out some of our other We Happy Few guides.

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