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Waterways Dead Drop Ashika Island Location in COD DMZ

There's much more than a dead drop in the Waterways.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Waterways DMZ

Those who complete the faction missions in Al Mazrah will likely be familiar with the dead drops that were introduced in the Call of Duty DMZ. In Season 2 of COD, the dead drops mechanic has returned to Ashika Island, and the White Lotus faction needs some goods moved.

Drops are always marked as white dumpsters that can hold weapons, but some are reserved specifically for missions in the DMZ. White Lotus requires players to head to the Waterways of Ashika Island specifically, and it won’t be easy, but we’ll cover the full process here.

COD DMZ – Waterways Dead Drop Location on Ashika Island

The location that you’re looking for is on the southern section of the island. More specifically, you need to head to Port Ashika, which is the southernmost major POI. In this area, you’ll find an entrance to the Waterways that can be accessed under the bridge section of Port Ashika, in the center of the POI. Multiple access points exist in the area if you want to explore instead.

To find the Waterways dead drop, you’ll need to make your way toward the center of the POI and there will be plenty of Shadow Company soldiers that attempt to stop you. However, the two Juggernauts that pop out should be a dead giveaway of the dead drop being nearby.

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Once you’ve taken out the Juggernauts, you can take the hard drive that you obtained earlier in the DMZ deployment and place it in the Waterways dead drop. With that out of the way, this White Lotus faction mission is complete and you can move on to the next set when you extract in COD.

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