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Watch Dogs – Spider Tank Digital Trip Tips

by Bryan Dawson

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One of the fan-favorite Digital Trips in Watch Dogs is the Spider Tank. This Digital Trip allows you to take control of a giant spider-tank with military-grade weaponry and cause mass destruction in the downtown area. While this mission is mainly just for fun, there are a few tips that will help you enhance that fun with as easily successful rampage.

Level Up Often

Most people take control of the Spider Tank and just start shooting and destroying everything in their path. While this is great fun, while you’re causing widespread destruction, you’ll be earning points just like you would in the normal game. You can use these skill points to level up the Spider Tank and make your job even easier. Every time you get another skill point, use it to level up as quickly as possible to make the next objective that much easier.

Skill Upgrades

When you start to level up your Spider Tank, some of the best weapons and abilities are Overloaded, Hydraulic Claw, Reinforced Plating, Titanium Plating, Extra Reactor, and Emergency Protocol. Overloaded allows you to carry more weaponry, which allows you to do damage faster, while the Hydraulic Claw uses less energy and allows you to melee more at close range. Reinforced and Titanium Plating enhance your armor and allow you to take more hits, and the Extra Reactor and Emergency Protocols help with energy conservation.

Don’t Fire Everything at Once

Your Spider Tank has a heat gauge. The longer you’re shooting and destroying things, the faster the heat gauge fills up. When it’s full, you’ll have to stop shooting for a moment to cool off. If an enemy or object you wish to destroy is close by, use melee attacks instead of firing your guns. This will save you some trouble and help you conserve energy. It’s also not recommended to jump unless you’re running out of time on your current objective and you need to get across town in a hurry.

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