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Watch Dogs – Cash Run Tips

by Bryan Dawson

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Cash Run can be a fun side activity in Watch Dogs, but when you get competitive and want that gold medal, it can be a bit frustrating. We’ve come up with a few quick tips to help you obtain the perfect run and that gold medal.

  • Avoid red skulls, but use them to help figure out where the next gold coin is located. A red skull is always in line with the next gold coin.
  • Gold coins spawn at various heights. Use the mini-map to find the general area of the coin, then look around to pinpoint the location. This will save you time compared to relying exclusively on your map.
  • Running is generally better than sprinting because you can easily vault over smaller objects and even make your way up a wall before vaulting over it (to shave a few seconds off your time).
  • Choose midnight as your preferred play time to minimize the number of people (obstacles) in your way.
  • Don’t go out of your way for a blue coin unless you stand to gain time. Blue coins give you a 10 second bonus, but if it takes too much time to get to it, leave it behind.
  • If you accidently hit a red skull, a blue coin can save your time, but only if it’s not out of the way at all.

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