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Was the TAQ-56 Buffed or Nerfed in COD MW2 Season 3? – Answered

Was the king knocked down?

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Season 3 MW2 Weapons

We’ve been looking for some changes to the meta weapons in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 since Ranked Play dropped last season and there’s no better time than the launch of Season 3. However, there has been some confusion over whether the TAQ-56 was buffed or nerfed in the latest update.

According to the first set of patch notes that were released early on April 12, the TAQ-56 was supposedly given an increase to headshot damage, which was already incredibly high, to begin with. The community was confused, of course, but the weapon may not have been buffed after all and we’ll answer that here.

COD MW2 Season 3 – Was the TAQ-56 Nerfed or Buffed

As of this writing, it turns out that the TAQ-56 was actually nerfed. Infinity Ward cleared up the issue on Twitter and stated that the patch notes were supposed to say “headshot damage decreased” rather than the increase that we initially saw. It certainly gave the submachine gun players a sigh of relief.

With that in mind, players who use the TAQ-56 will have to deal with less headshot damage on their main weapon. This was one of the elements of the weapon that made it so powerful, and when mixed with deadly accuracy, it becomes impossible to fight against.

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Despite the nerf to the most popular assault rifle in the game, we likely won’t see a dominant Vaznev-9k meta either in COD MW2. Along with the TAQ-56, the Vaznev-9k also received a hit to headshot damage. It seems like Infinity Ward just wants those multipliers to decrease across the board in Season 3.

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