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Warzone Old Wounds Intel Mission Guide

by Lucas White

With the arrival of Frank Woods as a new operator in Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare, a new Intel Mission has also been added to the game. It’s called Old Wounds, which itself is a throwback to a mission of the same title in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. For this Intel Mission, you’ll be looking exclusively in the Zordaya Prison Complex, rather than having to sniff out the various pieces of intel throughout Verdansk. This makes it much easier than normal, but if you’re just trying to knock it out and move on, here’s a guide on where each piece is hiding.

Old Wounds Intel Mission Guide

The first piece of intel has the following clue: “Find the location in the message Ghost sent you.” For this one you’ll need to find the command center/control room inside the prison, and search the desks for a coin. If you just go up stairs until you can’t anymore, you should be able to find the room.

The next clue reads, “A hidden code was found in the prison…” and that means you’ll need to go inside a specific cell. You need to make your way to the B level, which you’ll know by the signage on the walls. You’ll probably need to check multiple cells, but the intel is on the wall between a radiator and a sink.

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Clue number three says, “Follow the trail left by ARM 3-1.” First you’ll want to find the showers. If you’re familiar with the Gulag, head that way. There’s a platform above the shower area, with some bathrooms. The intel is on the tank of one of the toilets.

“Zakhaev was using an office in the prison…” is your fourth clue, and luckily the office is easy to find. It’s just above the entrance to the Prison, hiding in plain sight. Once you get in there, the intel is simply a file sitting on the desk. Easy.

Finally, the fifth clue simply notes, “ARM 3-1 moved locations…” and frankly these ellipses are a little too much. To find this one you need to go to the A level, and find the number 3 designated cell. Like the other cell intel on the B level, you can just go through all the cells until you find it. It’s in a chest next to one of the beds.

Once you grab all the intel, you’ll get a final clue that states, “I will not die a traitor.” This also gives you a map with a marked location, which takes you to a very specific part of the prison. It seems like this spot has some kind of connection to Woods’ story leading into Black Ops Cold War, so we’ll leave that part to see for yourselves. 

We should also point out that, at the time of this writing, some players are encountering a bug that prevents them from finding all the intel. It isn’t hitting all players, and this is a bug that has happened before. It’ll likely be fixed sooner rather than later, but this is a heads up just in case.

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