Warframe: How to Farm Axidrol Alloy

For a mineral called Axidrol, it doesn't even look like an axe.

Warframe Axidrol Alloy
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There’s nothing like a little mining in Warframe to get you some of the more niche items in the game. Here’s how to farm Axidrol Alloy in Warframe.

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Where to Get Axidrol Alloy in Warframe

Axidrol Alloy is acquired through crafting in Warframe, using a blueprint provided by Smokefinger in Fortuna. This blueprint is infinitely reusable and can be purchased for 1,000 Solaris United standing. For this blueprint, you’ll need Axidite, which can be mined from any red mineral veins in the Orb Vallis. It can also be dropped from containers if you’re already clearing enemies from bases.

Alongside 20 Axidite, using the blueprint requires 500 Ferrite and 10 Rubedo. Thankfully, these resources are much easier to come by in regular gameplay. Once you start the build process, you must wait one minute before construction is completed. Each construction yields 20 Axidrol Alloy.

What is Axidrol Alloy Used For?

Axidrol Alloy is used in all of the following blueprints, ranging from Kitgun parts to Sentinel weapons:

  • Alcrom Core – 25 Axidrol Alloy
  • Bad Baby Board – 40 Axidrol Alloy
  • Bellows Loader – 30 Axidrol Alloy
  • Brash Grip – 20 Axidrol Alloy
  • Brickie Trophy – 30 Axidrol Alloy
  • Drex Core – 25 Axidrol Alloy
  • Drimper Bracket – 25 Axidrol Alloy
  • Eye-Eye Trophy – 30 Axidrol Alloy
  • Fatboys Jet – 25 Axidrol Alloy
  • Garuda Neuroptics – 40 Axidrol Alloy
  • Gibber Grip – 30 Axidrol Alloy
  • Jonsin Bracket – 40 Axidrol Alloy
  • Kreska – 10 Axidrol Alloy
  • Krysis Core – 25 Axidrol Alloy
  • Larkspur – 6 Axidrol Alloy
  • Oxylus – 45 Axidrol Alloy
  • Para Model – 30 Axidrol Alloy
  • Ramble Grip – 30 Axidrol Alloy
  • Tombfinger Chamber – 20 Axidrol Alloy
  • Tremor Grip – 30 Axidrol Alloy
  • Zip Loader – 30 Axidrol Alloy

If you want to build everything off this list at least once, you’ll need 586 Axidrol Alloy. You’ll likely want to build some of the Kitgun parts multiple times, however, so be ready to have to build certain parts multiple times. Either way, if you farm Axidrol Alloy only when you need it, having enough shouldn’t feel quite so daunting.

If you’re looking for help with other minerals, check out our guide on how to get Namalon in Warframe.

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