How to Get Ducats in Warframe

Ducats for you! And ducats for you!

Warframe Baro Ki'Teer
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Every two weeks, Warframe’s Void Trader Baro Ki’Teer comes with some incredibly useful goods for his currency, Ducats. Here’s how to get Ducats in Warframe.

Where to Get Ducats in Warframe

Ducats can be earned by trading in your Prime items for various amounts of Ducats. To do this trade-in, head to the usual room that Baro spawns in, then look around for the Ducat Kiosk. For example, if Baro spawns at the Larunda Relay orbiting Mercury, there are three Ducat Kiosks located adjacent to the large bay window behind his usual spawn location. You can also go to these Kiosks when he’s not around.

Once at a Ducat Kiosk, open it up to get a menu of all Prime items you own. These are normally organized by name, but can also be organized by their value (starting with the highest value), or through how many of that item you own. Each Prime part is valued at 15, 45, or 100 Ducats, corresponding to Common, Uncommon, and Rare rewards from Void Relics respectively.


Since 100 Ducat items are the Rare rewards, you should take a look at the sell price on a site like It’s possible you could be trading in something that you could sell for 20-100 Platinum.

Once you see some items you want to trade in, click on them and select Sell Items. This will give you all the Ducats, ready to be used at Baro whenever you please. Just be careful what you buy, since some items are more useful than others.

How to Farm Ducats in Warframe

The best way to farm Ducats in Warframe is by opening up Void Relics and trading in the treasures within. While that alone is obvious, I suggest running missions that can be completed quickly. Void Fissures for missions such as Capture, Sabotage, or Rescue are the best to farm since they’ll let you open Relics fast. I also wouldn’t suggest spending your Void Traces to make the Relics of a higher value. You could spend those on items you want rather than wasting them away on the inevitable Common rewards you’ll get.

If you’re looking to farm up some Relics to open for Ducat fodder, then the following missions are best for each Relic:

  • Lith Relics – Hepit, Void
  • Meso Relics – Ukko, Void
  • Neo Relics – Ukko, Void
  • Axi Relics – Apollo, Lua

If you’re looking for more help when it comes to choosing items from Baro, check out our guide on if the Gotva Prime is worth buying in Warframe.

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