Is the Gotva Prime Worth Buying in Warframe? – Answered

You Gotva Ducats for this weapon?

Warframe Gotva Prime
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As you explore Warframe, you’ll come across a ton of different pieces of gear that offer varying levels of success, including some weapons that are rarer than others. Here’s whether the Gotva Prime is worth buying in Warframe.

Should You Purchase the Gotva Prime in Warframe?

The Gotva Prime first appeared as a Twitch drop for TennoCon 2023, for watching 30 minutes of the main stream of the event. Now that it’s over and done with, Gotva Prime can appear as a possible weapon to purchase from Baro Ki’Teer, who appears every two weeks to offer a random set of items such as Primed mods, Prisma weapons, and more.

You’ll need 675 Ducats and 625,000 Credits to purchase the Gotva Prime, which is a huge ask. It’s definitely worth it if you want that extra bit of mastery, though its power isn’t quite as cut and dry. I looked into the weapon myself, and it seems the general consensus is that the weapon doesn’t do a lot unique, but is good enough at what it does. If you want a standard assault rifle that can still pack a punch, you shouldn’t run into too many problems with it.

However, you might see a reason to save your Ducats and Credits for other items in Baro’s stock. The mastery and a possible new weapon are nice, but they’re up against Primed mods and Prisma weapons which could both be seen as far more useful. Primed mods are just better versions of their normal counterparts, and Prisma weapons are cheaper versions of mastery fodder when up against the Gotva Prime. Unless you’ve already covered both bases or have more Ducats than you know what to do with, I wouldn’t bother.

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