How to Get Dagath in Warframe

The headless horsewoman enters the fray.

Warframe Dagath in Pose
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Warframe has today launched its new Abyss of Dagath update, bringing a ton of exciting new features to check out. Hydroid is taking yet another stab at being relevant with another rework, companions no longer permanently die during missions, and most importantly, Dagath has been brought into the game. However, how you get her is far different than how you acquire other frames. Here’s how to get Dagath in Warframe.

How to Unlock Dagath in Warframe

To get Dagath in Warframe, you’ll need to access the new Dagath’s Hollow room in a Clan Dojo. This may not be built by your clan yet at the time of reading this article, so you’ll need to check with your individual clan. If you aren’t part of a clan yet, there are a few ways you can join one. The first is to join the Recruiting Chat in the bottom left and type “LF clan” or “Looking for clan”. Generally, this will get you a PM from someone and you can go from there. The other method is to go on the Warframe forums and select the Recruitment section of the forums. This will open up a list of threads through which you can reply to one to join a clan.

Once you’re in a clan, create a Clan Key using your Foundry and head to the Clan Dojo. From there, just find the Dagath’s Hollow room. Again, you may need the clan first to build the room, though this will change depending on what clan you’re a part of. Once inside, there will be a Shrine of Dagath that you’ll want to interact with. Each of Dagath’s part blueprints will be housed within, costing Vainthorns to purchase.

How to Buy Dagath’s Parts

To acquire Vainthorns, you’ll want to head back to your Orbiter and go to the Syndicate kiosk, located on the left side of the cockpit. Once there, ensure you’re pledged to a Syndicate and have reached Rank 2 with that Syndicate. For example, I’m pledged to the Red Veil and need to be the rank of Honored. From there, click on View Offerings and purchase an Abyssal Beacon for 5,000 Standing. From there, complete the mission Abyssal Zone on the planet Ceres to get Vainthorns.

Once you have enough, purchase each of Dagath’s parts and build them in the Foundry. Once you’ve waited 24 hours to build her Neuroptics, Systems, and Chassis, then an additional 72 hours for her main blueprint, you’ll have Dagath ready to go. Good luck out there Tenno! While we’re on the topic, check out our guide on all of Dagath’s abilities in Warframe.

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