Warframe: All Dagath Abilities Listed

The beastmaster is ready for the hunt.

Dagath and her Spectral Horses in Warframe
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Warframe’s newest update, the Abyss of Dagath, adds a lot of new stuff and reworks a lot of now archaic systems. Both Hydroid and Companions have seen a welcome rework, seeking to make them more useful or easier to deal with. The headliner of the update though is the new Warframe Dagath, who brings with her some assaulting Kaithes and “the wrath of sullen sadness”. Here are all Dagath’s abilities in Warframe.

Every Dagath Ability in Warframe

Like all other frames, Dagath has a passive alongside four central abilities. Those are as follows:

  • Passive
    • There is a 35% chance that Energy and Health Orbs will be 300% more effective on Dagath. This means that Energy Orbs have a chance to grant 100 Energy, rather than the usual 25.
  • Ability 1 – Wyrd Scythes
    • Wyrd Scythes surround Dagath and seek out nearby enemies. Those struck are slowed and suffer Viral Damage with a guaranteed Status Effect. The scythes also spread Doom and extend its duration. Slows by 20% at base.
  • Ability 2 – Doom
    • Condemn nearby enemies to their doom. A portion of the damage Dagath deals is revisited upon them by a Wyrd Scythe. They also suffer Viral Damage. This does 35% of Dagath’s damage at base.
  • Ability 3 – Grave Spirit
    • Supercharge Dagath’s weapons with extra Critical Damage. The effects are doubled on Doomed enemies. Escape fatal blows by briefly assuming a spectral form. This does 35% bonus Critical Damage at base.
  • Ability 4 – Rakhali’s Cavalry
    • Phantom Kaithes charge forth, inflicting Viral damage upon all in their path. Their attack strips the defenses of Doomed enemies. Strips 20% defense at base.

Dagath is a damage frame that focuses on spreading Viral damage to foes, while having plenty of Critical Damage to boot. Like Saryn, she’s about spreading to as many targets as possible. If you want some pointers for getting an early build going, I’d suggest using mods like Flow/Primed Flow to account for her huge Energy supply, Stretch to increase the range of her Viral spread, and Intensify to increase its damage.

If you’re looking into her creation, check out our interview with Digital Extremes’ Megan Everett on Dagath’s creation in Warframe among other frames.

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