Warframe: All Tome Mods and How to Get Them

It's about tome they gave us book weapons.

Warframe Tome Weapon
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With the introduction of the first tome weapon to Warframe, naturally, you’ll want to mod it to see its potential. Here are all tome mods and how to get them yourself.

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Every Tome-Exclusive Mod in Warframe

In total, there are eight tome-exclusive mods in Warframe for you to collect and put into your tome. These mods are as follows:

Tome ModMod Effect at Max Rank
Fass CanticleKilling enemies grants Allies in Affinity Range 40% Shield Recharge Rate and -28% Shield Recharge Delay for 15s.
Jahu CanticleKilling enemies reduces the Armor and Shields of other enemies within Affinity Range by 5%.
Khra CanticleEnemies have a 12% chance to drop a Universal Orb on death.
Lohk CanticleKilling enemies grants Allies within Affinity Range +30% Fire Rate for 15s.
Netra InvocationAlternate Fire increases Ability Efficiency by 4% for 20s for each enemy hit. Stacks up to 15 times.
Ris InvocationAlternate Fire increases Ability Duration by 4% for 20s for each enemy hit. Stacks up to 15 times.
Vome InvocationAlternate Fire increases Ability Strength by 4% for 20s for each enemy hit. Stacks up to 15 times.
Xata InvocationAlternate Fire grants 1 Energy Regen/s for 20s for each enemy hit. Stacks up to 10 times.

It’s worth noting that you can only use one Canticle and one Invocation mod on your tome at any given time. The Canticle mod takes up the Exilus slot, while the Invocation takes up a standard mod slot.

How to Get the Tome Mods

To snag these Tome mods for yourself, you’ll want to run the new Mirror Defense node Munio on Deimos, which opens up after completing the Whispers in the Walls quest. Rotation C offers a chance to drop one of these eight mods, so you’ll need to trust in some RNG for the right one. Alternatively, you can purchase the “Essential Tome Mod Bundle” from the shop for 140 Plat. However, that’s a lot of Plat for mods of this caliber.

Which Tome Mods Are Worth Using?

While it’s a little early to tell exactly which tome mods are the best ones to use, there are a few that stand above the rest. Jahu Canticle, for example, does a ton for increasing damage for both you and your squadmates. When paired with an armor-stripping build, you can become unstoppable at higher levels of play. The Vome Invocation mod is also particularly interesting. If I choose to run a tome more, I’ll likely use it with my Wisp since she benefits heavily from Ability Strength.

As for mods you absolutely shouldn’t use, Khra Canticle and Xata Invocation seem particularly weak. Khra doesn’t offer enough to be worth the Exilus mod slot when compared to the other options, and Xata simply isn’t great when put up against the hundred other ways of regenerating Energy.

If you’re looking for more help with the newest update, check out our guide on how to get Qorvex in Warframe.

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