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How to Get Verizon Pokemon GO Promo Code

by Nicholas Barth

Developer Niantic provides Trainers with plenty of bonuses for the popular mobile game of Pokemon GO. One of the most recent that players can take advantage of is through Verizon, who is giving away a promo code for customers. This Verizon promo code will give Pokemon GO players a nice helping of useful items, so those who are able to redeem this opportunity should definitely do so. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know to acquire your Pokemon GO Verizon promo code. 

Verizon Pokemon GO Promo Code

Those interested in taking advantage of this promotion will need to head to Verizon’s official website and login to their account. Once you have logged into your account, you will be provided with the GO Verizon promo code. Players using Android devices can redeem in the game itself. However, Trainers who are using an iOS device will need to head to the official Niantic Offer Redemption website to redeem their Verizon Pokemon GO code and acquire all of its rewards. 

 verizon pokemon go promo code

Those who claim and redeem this promotional offer will get a plethora of useful items that will help them in all of their future adventures for the mobile game. These rewards for this promotional offer include two premium battle passes, two incense, and 65 Pokeballs.

It never hurts to have as many Pokeballs as you can, especially for avid players, so this reward of 65 Pokeballs will no doubt be welcomed with open arms for those who were needing an injection of more for their inventories. Premium Battle Pass are items that can be exchanged for entry into a Raid Battle or to unlock Premium rewards in the Battle League. With this in mind, the Verizon promo code giving players two of these premium Battle Passes is an opportunity that players should not pass up if they can. Incense can be utilized to attract characters to players making it much easier to encounter and catch them, so having more incense is never a bad thing for Trainers. 

There is no doubt that players are sure to be happy with the items they get for their inventory when they claim and redeem their Verizon promo code especially considering that it does not take players long at all to do so and take advantage of the benefits. 

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