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Vampyr – How to Unlock and Upgrade Skills

by Larryn Bell

In Vampyr, players take on the role of Jonathan Reid, a doctor and war veteran who has become a vampire. As Dr. Reid gets accustomed to his newfound immortality, he will level up and unlock a number of different skills abilities based on how players choose to develop his character. We’ll explain how to go about unlocking new skills in Vampyr and where to upgrade them so that you can improve Dr. Reid’s vampiric capabilities.

How to Unlock Skills in Vampyr

There is an assortment of unique abilities and skills that players can unlock in Vampyr to help Dr. Reid defend himself against those who wish to do him harm. Skills are categorized as either Active or Passive, which help to improve Dr. Reid’s combat capabilities and physical attributes. Once unlocked, a Skill can be further upgraded to improve its traits.

Vampyr how to unlock skills

Visit a Hideout

In order to unlock new skills and level up in Vampyr, you must first make your way to the nearest hideout. Hideouts act as relative safe zones where players can rest, craft items, and gather their bearings after an evening of vampiric activities. There are a number of different hideouts you can visit, but one that you may frequent early on is Pembroke Hospital.

You can access the menu that shows you all available skills and abilities by resting in a bed at a hideout. Start by locating a bed within the hideout. Interacting with the bed will bring up the skill menu, where you can level up and attain new abilities.

How to upgrade skills Vampyr

Highlight the skill you want to unlock, then select it to view its description. This is also where you can view a skill’s upgrade tree, which shows how much XP is required to unlock a skill’s upgrades. This can also help give you an idea of what to expect from that skill and so you can decide whether a skill is worth upgrading. Press and hold the skill to unlock it, then hold Confirm on the skill menu to confirm your upgrades. You can also press Reset to start back at your current skill setup.

Unlocking and upgrading skills in Vampyr requires experience, which is earned as you complete certain tasks throughout the game. Make sure you know how to earn experience in Vampyr so you can level up fast and unlock all the upgrade nodes for each of your skills. For more Vampyr tips and tricks, check out some of our other Vampyr guides.

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