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Vampyr – How to Level Up Mesmerize

by Larryn Bell

Embracing victims in Vampyr can be tricky if you don’t have a high enough mesmerize level. Dr. Reid’s ability to manipulate and embrace the citizens of London relies heavily on the level of his mesmerize skill in comparison to that of his victims. Mesmerizing mortals is a crucial step in embracing them to collect their blood. We’ll explain how to go about leveling up your mesmerize ability in Vampyr to ensure you’re always capable of embracing or manipulating even the most resistant citizens.

How to Increase Mesmerize in Vampyr

One of the special abilities you have as a vampire is the ability to charm and manipulate vulnerable mortals. However, some of the citizens in Vampyr aren’t so weak-minded, which means you’ll need to increase your mesmerize level before you can get them to do your bidding. 

Vampyr Mesmerize

Dr. Reid’s mesmerize stat needs to be equal to or higher than the mesmerize stat of the person he’s trying to manipulate. If this is the case, then he will have the option to embrace them to suck their blood, which is an important aspect of earning XP to unlock new skills in Vampyr. This will sometimes also allow for special dialogue options to become available.

Dr. Reid’s mesmerize level is tied to the story in Vampyr, which means that you must complete the main quests in the game in order to increase your mesmerize level. As you finish chapters, meet new citizens, and complete certain objectives in Vampyr, your mesmerize stat will gradually increase. 

Vampyr Mesmerize Level Up

This means that you can’t really go around leeching blood from whoever you want to in Vampyr, because your ability to embrace vulnerable citizens is tied to your mesmerize level. Citizens with a higher mesmerize stat will not succumb to your vampiric wiles until you’ve increased Dr. Reid’s own mesmerize level first by playing through the main story quests. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as some characters are important for the plot and killing them off to early would result in certain districts falling into chaos too soon.

Once you’ve made a decent amount of progress through the main quests, you can return to previous areas to embrace citizens who you couldn’t mesmerize before. Make sure to discover all of a character’s hints and complete all the local investigations before sinking your teeth into the townsfolk. A district becomes less stable with every victim you kill, so try to make sure a district is relatively healthy before embracing its citizens and plunging it into chaos. Be sure to check out our other Vampyr guides for more tips to help Dr. Reid reach peak vampirism in Vampyr.

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