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Vampyr – How to Heal Yourself and Restore Health

by Larryn Bell

Combat is a regular part of life in Vampyr. You will have to fight off an assortment of different enemies, from hostile Vampire Hunters to mutated Skal. Maintaining your health is an important part of survival in Vampyr, as dying can really set you back in terms of progress. In this guide, we’ll go over some of the ways you can heal yourself and increase your maximum health to keep you on your feet in Vampyr. 

How to Heal in Vampyr

There are two primary ways to heal and restore part of your health bar in Vampyr. The first is through serums, which are crafted concoctions that allow you to recover a small portion of health when administered. The other way is through using certain skills or abilities, which can either instantly heal a portion of your health or replenish health over time. 


Let’s start with the skills. The first skill you will unlock in Vampyr is an ability named Autophagy. Autophagy is an Active skill that allows Dr. Reid to heal himself in exchange for a portion of his own blood. You can use Autophagy to heal yourself during combat multiple times as long as you have enough blood in your blood bar. Note that this ability has a short cooldown in between uses.

How to Heal in Vampyr

If you have at least a small portion of blood in your blood bar, then you can use Autophagy to quickly recover some health during battle. Make sure you know how to collect blood in Vampyr to ensure you’ve always got some before heading into a fight.

Fast Regeneration

Another ability that helps restore health in combat is Fast Regeneration, which is a Passive skill found under the Bite section of the skill tree. This skill increases your life regeneration when biting an enemy during combat. Having this Passive skill allows you to replenish a small bit of health after biting your opponent during combat. It’s certainly a skill worth upgrading if you plan to stun and bit your enemies in Vampyr.

Light Regeneration Serum

If you want a backup option for healing yourself outside of using an ability, consider crafting a Regeneration Serum to keep in your inventory for when you need to regenerate health quickly in Vampyr. 

 Vampyr Light Regeneration Serum Recipe

The earliest form of this serum is the Light Regeneration Serum, which can be crafted at a hideout workbench. The Light Regeneration Serum regenerates 300 health points instantly, with another 150 health points restored over the next 15 seconds. You’ll need to find and analyze new components to unlock the recipe for this serum and other blueprints if you haven’t already done so. 

Now that you know how to heal yourself in Vampyr, make sure you know the best ways to gain experience and level up so that Dr. Reid can evolve into the best vampire he can be. For more Vampyr guides, head over to our Vampyr game hub

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