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Vampyr – How to Craft Medicine Treatments and Cure Patients

by Larryn Bell

Even though you’ve become a vampire in Vampyr, you’re still a doctor, which means you still have to do your best to treat ill citizens and patients in the hospital. Neglecting sick patients can lead to diseases spreading and districts becoming less stable. As you play through the game, you’ll need to unlock medicine recipes and craft medicine to treat various ailments, including headaches, sepsis, and pneumonia. We’ll explain how to craft medicine and what ingredients are required for each treatment in Vampyr.

Before you can begin treating and curing the sick citizens of London, you must first know how to craft and administer medicine for their ailments. All medicines and serums in Vampyr can be crafted at a workbench inside a hideout, such as the one in Dr. Reid’s room at Pembroke Hospital. 

All Medicine Treatment Recipes in Vampyr

The table below lists the ingredients you will need to craft each of the nine medicinal treatments in Vampyr.

Treatment for Fatigue Glass Vial (1), Quinine (1),  Ferrous Tartrate (2), Sodium Hypochlorate Solution (2) Fatigue
Treatment for Anemia Glass Vial (1), Quinine (2),  Ferrous Tartrate (8), Sodium Hypochlorate Solution (8) Anemia
Treatment for Sepsis Glass Vial (1), Quinine (4),  Ferrous Tartrate (15), Sodium Hypochlorate Solution (15) Sepsis
Treatment for Cold Glass Vial (1), Clove Essence (1), Codeine (2), Potassium Permanganate (2) Cold
Treatment for Bronchitis Glass Vial (1), Clove Essence (2), Codeine (8), Potassium Permanganate (8) Bronchitis
Treatment for Pneumonia Glass Vial (1), Clove Essence (4), Codeine (15), Potassium Permanganate (15) Pneumonia
Treatment for Headache Glass Vial (1), Salicin (1), Ergotamine (2), Opium (2) Headache
Treatment for Migraine Glass Vial (1), Salicin (2), Ergotamine (8), Opium (8) Migraine
Treatment for Neuralgia Glass Vial (1), Salicin (4), Ergotamine (15), Opium (15) Neuralgia

How to Unlock Treatment Recipes

To unlock the recipe for a new treatment in Vampyr, you must first obtain the research component associated with that medicine. The first three recipes for the Fatigue, Anemia, and Sepsis treatments are already unlocked at the start of the game.

Vampyr How to Craft Treatments and Serums

To get the next three Tier 2 medicine recipes in Vampyr, you must speak to Nurse Crane at Pembroke Hospital and complete the quest in the morgue basement to collect supplies. After the boss fight, search the back corner of the room for a container of formula. Analyze an Enigmatic Formula at the nearby workbench to unlock the next three medicine recipes for Cold, Bronchitis, and Pneumonia treatments.

To unlock the final three medicine recipes for the Tier 3 treatments in Vampyr, you must complete a side quest in Whitechapel. Once you reach Whitechapel in Chapter 2, speak with Father Tobias Whitaker near the church stairs. He will send you out to visit Stonebridge Cemetery. 

Look for a crater outside the cemetery gates with a corpse in it to the right. Search the corpse to obtain a component that can be analyzed to unlock the three medicine recipes for Headache, Migraine, and Neuralgia treatments.

How to Cure Patients

To find a sick patient or citizen that needs curing, you can perform a quick scan of your surroundings using your Vampiric Senses to highlight the individuals around you. You can toggle this ability by pressing the left analog stick on controller or the ‘V’ key on the keyboard. 

You must then approach and speak with the NPC in order to cure what ails them. Asking them a series of questions can help you gauge whether they are afflicted with an ailment and need treatment. Once you find out what is wrong with the person, you can head back to your workbench to craft a cure for their ailment.

Vampyr all treatment ingredients

How to Craft Medicine Treatments

To craft a new treatment for a patient or citizen, visit a hideout and locate the nearest workbench. If you have collected all the necessary ingredients for a medicine, highlight the treatment you wish to create in the Craft menu of the workbench, then select and hold the button to craft the treatment.

Now, simply return to the person you wish to cure and engage them in conversation once more to give them the appropriate medicine for their illness. It can take a couple days to fully cure a patient after giving them medicine, so be sure to rest in a hideout bed to pass the time. If you need to check on what ailment a citizen has, you can always bring up the Citizen Menu and review the patients in each hideout location. The ones with an illness will have a yellow icon net to their picture.

Now that you know how to craft medicine and cure patients in Vampyr, you should be able to keep each district relatively healthy and stable, so long as you don’t go around ‘embracing’ too many citizens. It’s also important to know how to heal and regain health during combat as well. For more tips and tutorials, head over to our Vampyr guide hub.

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