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Valorant Weekly Mission Reset Error

by Andrew Smith

Lots of players have been checking out Valorant now that it’s out of its closed beta and is available to the public. You may have noticed that as you play, you’ll be able to complete some Weekly Challenge Missions for extra XP. Unfortunately, it seems that there is an issue causing these challenges to reset early. So, is there a fix for the Valorant Weekly Mission reset error?

Valorant Weekly Mission Reset Error

After players complete two daily challenges, they’ll receive three Weekly Missions that they can complete for XP. Unfortunately, it seems that for whatever reason, the Weekly Missions are currently bugged, causing them to either reset prematurely or stop tracking progress. This means that even if you’re making progress on the challenge, due to the Valorant Weekly Mission reset error, it’s probably not going to give you credit for it. Further, if it does, there is a good chance that it’ll reset your progress back to zero before you complete it. 

While this is certainly frustrating, it seems the team at Riot Games is aware of the Valorant Weekly Mission reset error. On the game’s subreddit, a team member posted a thread of bugs that developers were aware of and are currently working on. Included in the list is the Weekly Mission reset error, the Battle Pass error that is keeping players from using their rewards, and a handful of other known bugs.

Unfortunately, there really isn’t anything that you can do to fix the Valorant Weekly Mission reset error, as it’s a problem on the development side of things. This means that uninstalling and reinstalling the game or restarting the game isn’t going to do you any good, as it’s not an issue with your local game files. Further, if you have a critical issue, developers are encouraging players to submit a ticket to the Riot support team for more help.

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Even though you can’t complete your Weekly Missions, there is still plenty of stuff to do within the game while you wait for a patch to be pushed out. For example, you can try out the new Reyna Agent or complete different contracts to earn a variety of rewards. Further, if you’re a fan of competitive play, you can jump into some ranked matches and try to quickly increase your rank as well. But be careful, because if you happen to go on a losing streak, you’ll do a lot of damage to your rank!

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