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Valorant Weapons, Abilities and Shields Prices Guide

by Nicholas Barth

Valorant players will have a wide range of weapons, abilities, and shields they will be able to use to help their team secure victory. However, these items will cost different prices, which means that players will have to be smart about their money if they wish to use these items when they need them the most. Fortunately, we have the cost of these items in the first-person shooter covered for you.

Valorant Weapons Prices

You can find the cost for all of the weapons in the FPS below:


  • Classic – Owned
  • Shorty – 200
  • Frenzy – 400
  • Ghost – 500
  • Sheriff – 800


  • Stinger – 1,000
  • Spectre – 1,600


  • Bulldog – 2,100
  • Guardian – 2,700
  • Phantom – 2,900
  • Vandal – 2,900

Valorant Weapons Abilities Shields Prices


  • Bucky – 900
  • Judge – 1,500


  • Marshal – 1,100
  • Operator – 4,500


  • Ares – 1,700
  • Odin – 3,200

Valorant Abilities Prices

Players will find that one of their abilities cost 200 points with their other purchasable one being a total of 100 points. 

Valorant Shields Prices

Light shields will cost players a total of 400 points to purchase, while the heavy shields will cost players 1,000 points to equip them at the beginning of the round. 

Teams who can budget their economy well and be able to pay the prices for the items they need at a moment’s notice will be able to secure plenty of victories over teams who are not wary of how these costs affect their team’s chances of winning. 

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