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Valorant Reverie Skin Bundle – Weapons, Prices, and Release Date

These weapons are looking sharp.

by Shawn Robinson
Valorant Reverie Skin Bundle

Valorant’s VCT Lock In skins have been in the shop for a good week now, and will naturally be for a while as the Sao Paulo professional matches continue. It does come with a nice knife, though that’s about all there is for weapon skins in the bundle. Naturally, players are wondering when the next skin bundle will hit the shop and what it’ll have, and thankfully the details on that are finally here. Here’s everything you need to know about the Reverie skin bundle in Valorant, from weapons to release date.

Everything to Know About the Valorant Reverie Skin Bundle

What is the Bundle?

This upcoming bundle looks to take the idea of stained glass to a new level, with each weapon skin taking on a stained glass finish and looking fragile yet deadly. Say what you want about the color scheme, but it’s impossible to deny just how unique it looks.

Which Weapons Are Part of the Bundle?

Like most bundles, the Reverie skin bundle in Valorant will feature five different weapons in various colors. There’s the Classic in orange, Knife in blue, Guardian in light blue, Marshal in green (with a hint of orange), and Phantom in purple (almost with Astra’s color scheme). Each skin has various black lines throughout the weapon, keeping with the standard of stained glass.

How Much Will the Bundle Cost?

Before we go into this, Riot has not revealed the cost of the skin bundle at the time of writing. When they do reveal it we’ll update this section, though for now, the following is speculatory. Given how the skins look, it’s likely the weapon skins won’t feature custom animations or sound effects. As such, we’d guess this bundle is at the Select tier of skins, putting each weapon at 875 VP, and the full bundle at around 3000 VP.

What is the Release Date for the Reverie Skin Bundle?

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While in normal circumstances, each bundle lasts about two weeks, the VCT Lock/In bundle is set to go until March 7. Despite that, you can now get the Reverie bundle in the shop until March 7. Enjoy your new stained glass skins!

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