Valorant Kuronami Bundle – Weapons, Prices, and Release Date

The newest bundle to kick off Episode 8.

Valorant Kuronami Bundle Key Art
Image via Riot Games.

New weapon bundles in Valorant are always a great time to see what Riot has been cooking up, and the release of Episode 8 won’t be stopping that trend. Here’s everything you should know about the Kuronami bundle in Valorant, including the weapons, prices, and release date.

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Everything to Know About the Kuronami Bundle in Valorant

While the name Kuronami is rather unassuming at first, Valorant’s next bundle seems to be taking a more Japanese look with the natural elements in play. The skins aren’t as traditional as something like the Oni bundle or some of the other Japanese skin lines, but the Kuronami definitely wins over the Oni bundle in its slickness and style.

Which Weapons Are in the Kuronami Bundle?

Like most bundles, there are five weapons getting skins with this bundle. Those weapons are the Marshal, Sheriff, Spectre, Vandal, and Knife. The Knife is particularly interesting, being a set of two Kunai attached by a chain of sorts. It almost gives vibes of the Shadow Daggers from Counter-Strike, only honestly better looking.

How Much Will the Kuronami Bundle Cost?

While Riot has yet to reveal the exact price of the bundle, we can estimate its price based on its features. The skin includes sound effects, a kill animation, and five separate color variants. This puts it up in the higher tiers, but considering it isn’t on the same level, likely isn’t the extremely expensive Exclusive tier. As such, we expect these skins to land in the Ultra skin tier. That would put each skin at 2,475 VP, and 9,900 VP for the bundle.

When Will the Kuronami Bundle Release?

Again, Riot hasn’t divulged exact details surrounding when the bundle will be released. However, judging by how these bundles are usually leaked, we can guess that the bundle will be released with the launch of Episode 8 Act 1 of Valorant next week.

If you’re looking for details on previous bundles in case they return, check out our full rundown of the Black Market bundle for Valorant.

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