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Valorant Haven Map Callouts Guide

by Nicholas Barth

Riot Games has officially entered the first-person shooter genre with its title of Valorant. There are currently three maps in the tactical shooter that players do battle with and against each other. Haven is one of these maps and provides players with a variety of locations to do battle on. Each of these locations has specific callouts that allow players to communicate to their teammates effectively when it comes to telling them where an enemy is, for example. 

Fortunately, we have all of the callouts for the map of Haven covered for you. 

Valorant Haven Callouts

This map has three sites where the attacking team can plant the spike. Callouts around these areas center around the names of the spike sites so that you will hear calls like C Long, A Long, or Back B. Players need to learn these calls for Haven to allow them to know precisely where a teammate is referring to when they are playing. Positioning is one of the most critical aspects of Valorant, and not knowing where specific locations are will put you at a significant disadvantage when playing against players who know calls like the back of their hand. 

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You can find an image of the Haven map with its callouts below:

Valorant Haven Callouts

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One of the unique aspects of Haven is that the mid callouts for it are mostly for the B spike site, thanks to there being three spike sites. The other two maps and their mid callouts refer to the area in between A and B, so players on Haven should immediately think of the B spike site when they hear a callout taking about mid. 

Players who take the time to learn the callouts of Haven will be able to have a much more significant impact when it comes to helping their team secure a victory in this particular environment. 

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