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Valorant Error Code 0 – Everything We Know

by Nicholas Barth

Valorant is the latest high-profile game to enter the first-person shooter genre thanks to the likes of Riot Games being behind it. The game has seen plenty of popularity during its closed beta and official release. Unfortunately, a string of various errors has reared their ugly heads that have caused headaches for players when they are trying to play the tactical character-based first-person shooter. One of the newest errors to appear for players in the community has been error code 0, and we have everything currently known about error code 0 covered for you.

Valorant Error Code 0

Members of the community began to run into error code 0 following the most recent update for the game. Unfortunately, Riot Games has not publicly provided any solutions or fixes that players can take to address this particular problem that has arisen in the game following its most recent update like it has for other errors. Members of the community have also have not been having any luck in figuring out any fixes for players to try if they run into error code 0. 

Valorant Error Code 0

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Right now it looks like your best is to restart the game or uninstall and reinstall the title if you run into this problem and hope the reset gets it out of your way. We will update this piece with any official information from Riot Games regarding a fix for error code 0 when it is made available. 

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Hopefully, Riot Games will soon have a solution for players to utilize to fix error code 0 whenever the run into it in the future. For now, players will just have to wait until a solution has bee discovered for this problem. Have you been hit by this issue? Let us know over on Twitter and Facebook!

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