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Every Valorant Error Code and How to Fix

by Nicholas Barth

Riot Games looks like it has found its new hit title. The developer’s new tactical first-person shooter known as Valorant has become one of the most popular games in the world during its closed beta. It will no doubt rise to be a giant in the world of online multiplayer games following its official launch in Summer 2020. However, as with other games in closed beta, Valorant has seen players run into a variety of error code problems that have prevented them from being able to play the first-person shooter. Fortunately, we have the official solutions for each error code known for Valorant covered for you. 

Valorant Error Code

There is a total of 29 known error code issues that Riot Games has official solutions for which players can utilize to fix them if they run into any of these problems. Fortunately, the vast majority of these problems can be solved with a simple restart of the Riot Games client, according to the official solutions listed by the developer. This means that players do not need to take sophisticated measures to fix many of the error code problems they may run into when they are trying to jump into the adrenaline-fueled world of Valorant. 

You can find every error code known for the game and the official solutions players can use to get past them below:

Error Code


4 – Display Name is Invalid

Change Riot ID

5 – Account Logged in Elsewhere

Log out of your account from other devices

7 – Can’t Connect to Session Service

Check account email, Valorant Discord, or Support Site

8 through 21 – Riot Client Problems

Restart Riot Client

31 – Failed to Get Player Name Info

Restart Riot Client

33 – Riot Client Process was Closed

Restart Riot Client

43 – System has Timed Out

Restart Riot Client

44 – Vanguard Not Initialized

Restart Riot Client. Uninstall Vanguard and restart Valorant if error code persists

45 – Vanguard Reboot Required 

Restart Riot Client. Uninstall Vanguard and restart Valorant if error code persists

46 – Platform Downtime

Check Back Later

49 – Chat Did Not Initialize

Restart Riot Client

50 – Voice Did Not Initialize

Restart Riot Client

51 – Problem with Creating a Party

Restart Riot Client

52 – Problem Fetching Skill Information

Restart Riot Client

53 – Problem with Riot Client Chat

Restart Riot Client

54 – Content Service Failure

Restart Riot Client

You can find an example of what one of these errors can look like when you run into it in the image below:

 Valorant Error Code

Only a couple of the error code issues for Valorant require players to take any further action than restarting your Riot Games client. However, even these solutions are not anything that players should be too worried about trying out if they run into any of these problems listed above. It may just take you a little longer than usual to be able to get into the game and start fragging out once again.

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Fortunately, players should not have too much trouble when it comes to fixing and getting past each kind of error code they may run into when they are playing Valorant. Let us know how these solutions worked out for you over on Facebook and Twitter!

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