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Valorant Closed Beta Rewards

by Nicholas Barth

There is no denying that Valorant has become one of the most popular games in the world during its closed beta. Riot Games will soon be officially releasing its first-person shooter to everyone shortly, giving players a little more time to earn all of the unique rewards that are available to those who have access to the closed beta of Valorant. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about the awards for the closed testing period covered for you. 

Valorant Closed Beta Rewards

There is a total of five rewards that players can earn by playing the first-person shooter’s closed testing period. These are all cosmetic items and consist of two titles, two cards, and one buddy to customize your weapons with when you are playing. Players do not have to perform any complex tasks to acquire these items. All that you need to do is play matches and earn experience. Once you have gained enough experience for one of these items, they will automatically be added to your inventory. 

You can find all of the rewards players can acquire by playing the closed beta below:

First Title

Valorant Beta Card

V1.0 Title

Valorant Closed Beta Rewards

Beta Pioneer Card

Closed Beta Gunbuddy Buddy

 Valorant Closed Beta Rewards

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Unfortunately, players who do not play enough or have not been able to play will be able to earn these rewards ahead of the game’s official release date. Once the first-person shooter officially launches, players will be unable to earn these specific rewards and are likely never going ever to have the chance of obtaining them again. It would lessen the rarity of the significance of them for players who were able to collect them during the testing period of the high-profile game. 

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