Valorant Closed Beta End Date

Check out all of the currently known information regarding an end date for the Valorant closed beta.

The closed beta for Valorant has injected a level of excitement in the video game world that hasn’t been seen since the height of popularity for Fortnite Battle Royale. Players have been able to gain access to the closed beta by watching Twitch streams that are eligible for drops, which have allowed players to get into the testing version of the first-person shooter. However, there are still players who are not in and those who are playing but are curious about when the end date for this version of the title will arrive. Fortunately, we have everything currently known about an end date for the Valorant closed beta covered for you.

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Valorant Closed Beta End Date

Now, Riot Games has not officially announced a specific end date. However, the tactical FPS is scheduled to release in Summer 2020 with the testing period set to continue right up until the game officially releases in its full capacity. It will possibly change to an open status, which will allow anyone that wants to play the game to download and jump into its exciting action. However, Riot Games has no intentions of having the testing period for the game only last for a couple of weeks with a set end date. 

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Riot Games is also going to implement the game’s ranked system for players to experience and test out. This testing of the ranked system will require a large portion of time for players to progress through, which points to the end date of the closed beta leading right into the official release of the tactical shooter later on in Summer 2020. 

“We need to be agile and flex during this time to be able to change our plans if we need to but right now, I think we would like to keep the Beta going up as close to the launch date as we can,” Executive Producer Ana Dolon told ESPN.”But if the launch date pushes for any reason then we will have to reevaluate if that is possible or not.”

This extended time of testing will provide Riot Games with a great deal of feedback and information regarding how the game performs when a large number of players are playing consistently. This will help the developers find and fix bugs that they may have otherwise not seen with a shorter testing period.

Valorant Closed Beta End Date

There is no doubt that players who have developed a fondness for the title and those who have not yet been able to try it out are happy that the end date for the Valorant closed beta will not be arriving any time soon. They will be able to play as much as possible in the coming months. 

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